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Ashok Gond


  • To attain a challenging and achieve highest possible level of professional and technical competency in the field of software development using my Knowledge, Hard work, Confidence, Concentration and efforts for the growth of the company as well as myself.

Employment History

Dec 2007 - Till Now

Cybertron Technologies

Mohali, India

Senior Programmer

  • - First upgraded their website from CakePHP 1.1 to CakePHP 1.2 and since then have been working on new feature additions to the website. The website is featured on homepage of
  • - Highxlow is built on top of twitter api using CakePHP framework. Highxlow basically tracks the biorhythms through twitter. It basically fethces all messages sent to @highiam, @lowiam and @cheeron and shows them on the site with charts etc.
  • - Built this Idea sharing website in CakePHP, includes user registration, voting, integration with openID and trackbacks.
  • - Website built in CakePHP for a photographer. Allows to add Photo Galleries and Photos from admin panel.
  • - Website built in CakePHP for a Property Dealer allowing him to show property listings on website.
  • clone - Worked on creating clone for in CakePHP. The site isn't live yet.

October, Now


Nashik, India

PHP Programmer

  • - Dynamic Jobs Website with Admin Panel



B.Sc. (Computer Science)

City, ST

Pune University

Personal Information

  • Date of Birth - 16th May 1986
  • Martial Status - Married
  • Languages - English, Hindi and Marathi